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Warranty & Maintenance

ORT Furniture

Warranty and maintenance

We would like to thank you for selecting the furniture of ORT - symbol of high quality, design, functionality and solidity!

For us, as being a precise and demanding to itself company the provision of comfort, trouble-free and long usage of the products, manufactured by ORT is of great importance. We recommend to get acquainted in advance with the below described conditions for operation, because the instructions will protect you from potential injuries and damages to the furniture.

Operational conditions of the standard furniture of ORT


They are not intended for sitting or climbing on them, because such actions could result in damage to the product and serious injuries to the user;

Maximum of 80 kg of distributed load is allowed to be placed on the tables;

When moved, the tables must be grabbed not for the table tops, but for the supporting structure and with tables of free standing table tops, the top must be removed first, then the supporting structure to be moved and when the table is positioned in the new location, the table top to be reinstalled.

Free standing furniture (cupboards, pedestasl, etc.)

They are not intended for sitting or climbing on them, because such actions could result in overturning and damage to the product and serious injuries to the user;

The shelves should not be loaded with items with total weight of more than 15 kg, the top and bottom boards should not be loaded with items with total weight of 30 kg;

For pedestals without locking system, all drawers should not be opened simultaneously, because this can result in overturning of the product and harm to the user. The distributed load per drawer should not exceed 8 kg. When a drawer is opened no additional force should be applied to its front end.

General terms for all types of furniture

To be used in environment with relative humidity between 20% to 70% and temperatures between -5 to 40 degrees Celsius.

The furniture must not be cleaned by abrasive agents and materials but only by damp or dry cotton cloth and neutral cleaners.

The PVC edges should not be cleaned with detergents, containing acetone or other organic solvents.

The furniture must not be used in aggressive environment with increased acidity and the floors, around the metal heels and frames, on which the furniture is placed, should not be treated by acid or chlorine detergents, because this could result in corrosion of the metal parts and would break the integrity of their polymer or chrome-nickel coating.

The furniture, manufactured by natural veneer or solid wood should not be treated by detergents, containing wax. In case such detergents are used, no future repairs or new application of varnish can be performed.

No hot items should be placed on the surface of the furniture because this could result to a permanent damage of the surface. Glasses with hot drinks must not be placed directly over tops of natural veneer, because the varnish coating can be damaged. When liquids are spilled over the furniture, they must be absorbed immediately by soft cloth. As an exception for kitchen tops, the allowable temperatures of items, placed directly over the surface, is up to 100 degrees Celsius.

Items with sharp edges or abrasive surfaces must not be placed, protracted or hit in or on the furniture, because such items can cause scratches, breaking or wear of the material. Defects with such nature are considered as tear and wear and are not included in the warranty and are fixed at the expense of the customer.

The furniture, made of natural materials must not be exposed to direct sunlight, because such exposure will result in change of the color shade of the lit areas.

All furniture and chairs must not be used in close vicinity of heating appliances and other heat emitting sources.

Warranty conditions

The warranty period of tables and furniture of the range HI Rex, EHA, AVA and Sense is set to 120 months; of SeatTable® – 36 months, of the chairs, with brand Sitland – 60 months, and for the rest – 12 months of the delivery date. The warranty is applicable only to defects, resulting from poor materials and / or poor manufacturing. The warranty is maintained in case of change of the ownership of the furniture, if the last owner shows copy of the original invoice for purchasing of the furniture from ORT and signed delivery-acceptance protocol. In case of reasonable claim, the Company takes the obligation to perform repairs of the defected item or to change it with new.

Cases, in which the warranty liability of ORT is waived

In case of installation and commissioning of the product by an unauthorised personnel;

In case of an attempt for repairs by an unauthorised personnel;

In case of unconformity of the company’s warranty sticker of the item and the information recorded in the delivery-acceptance protocol or in case that such a sticker is missing, damaged or tampered with;

In case of non-conformance to the operational conditions, improper use and / or abuse of the item;

In cases of damage caused by events, like natural disasters, fires, floods and other force majeure events.

ORT is not liable for the functional and strength qualities of non-standard items produced as per the explicit wish and / or design of the customer.

ORT is not liable for lost profits or other damage as a result of defective item, for which the current warranty is applicable.

Performance of repairs during the warranty period

The repair of defective item is free of charge, within the warranty conditions and is performed only by authorised personnel of ORT. The repairs can be made at the customer’s site or at the production facilities of the Company and the determination of location and methods for repairs is within the competence of the Company. In case of replacement of parts and whole items, the defected items remain property of ORT.

In case that the Warranty conditions are violated or the established defect is not covered by the warranty liability of ORT, the repairs and the transport expenses are covered by the customer.

Trademarks & patents

ORT Furniture

Trademarks and patents

Intellectual property and trade mark rights are fundamental for us. We hold over 20 patents and respect the intellectual property and trade marks of other companies.

ORT Trademarks and patents

Seattable®, Model ST.L and Model ST.F is a registered trade mark and intellectual property of ORT.

When using the product name for promotional materials or publications, please use the [LOGO] trademark and the text Seattable® is a registered trademark of ORT. The indication “Design Ilian Milinov” must be present in the material, although could be mentioned at least once and written in small letters. This is a requirement for all our partners worldwide.

Seattable is an intellectual property of ORT. For more information on the patents please contact us at info@ort.bg.

Other companies trademarks

Corian® is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Co.

Silestone® is a registered trademark of COSENTINO, S.A.U.

Sitland® is a registered trademark of Sitland S.p.A.

RexSitt® is a registered trademark of RexSitt Italia S.r.L.

Linea® is a registered trade mark of Linea Fabbrica S.r.l.

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