ORT JSC is a manufacturer and seller in more than 65 countries, which gives us the opportunity to spread our green philosophy among our partners.ORT JSC, has an active course of action and is motivated to work consequently in the sphere of energy consumption reduction, protection of natural resources and waste management.

The aim is to reduce the damaging effects on nature as much as possible. Our company joined the circle of Bulgarian companies, which are engaged with ecological ideas and have a responsible environmental policy towards the protection of nature.

We, at ORT JSC, have always been conscious of how our products interact with the environment that is why we use creative and innovative products and technologies with low level of harmful emissions.


Office furniture ORT from series HIREX, COMBO, SENSE, ERGO, ZIP, DELTA, cabinets and containers are offered for sale with 10 years guarantee.


The Newest Product

We have the great pleasure to present one designer project, combines a chair and table in one.